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Noclip Pirate radio is a feed that contains unedited audio versions of the interviews we use in our Noclip documentary features on

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Jan 16, 2018

In this extended cut of our interview with Guerrilla Games' Narrative Director John Gonzalez we talk about his work on Fallout: New Vegas, the challenge of creating an empathetic character, how the writing team created a believable universe around her, and the unique culture of this Dutch studio. [WARNING:...

Jan 12, 2018

Back in March we sat down with Ricardo Bare & Raphael Colantonio (who has since left Arkane) about the difficulty in designing immersive sims, and the long journey both they and the Prey IP took to get to this point.

Jan 12, 2018

We sit down with celebrated immersive sim designer Harvey Smith to talk about game design, maturing as a developer, life abroad and the long shadow of his early work.